The Commercial Hubs Malaysia Phone Number List Barcelona
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The Commercial Hubs Malaysia Phone Number List Barcelona

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Oberta lose 70% of Malaysia Phone Number List traffic in times of pandemic 68.6% of establishments have had a drop in sales of 50% or more in the fourth quarter of 2020, compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Tags commercial axes walking trade consumer habits Malaysia Phone Number List 2022 · 4th Edition of the best data event for Marketing The best Big Data speakers. Request the free entry option. Seize it! UDIMA Distance University of Madrid Degree in Marketing To train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills The Big Data Study on consumer behavior in the Barcelona Malaysia Phone Number List Hubs points to a clear and severe economic recession in commerce due to the Covid effect, which is added to the already detected economic and consumer slowdown that began in 2019.

The Covid effect has caused the loss of mobility of residents of Barcelona and nearby who regularly visited the center (-63%), sporadic visitors (-78%) and tourism (-94%), a fact that has greatly damaged the commercial health of the city ​​center. Malaysia Phone Number List the pandemic, shopping tourism represented a capital Malaysia Phone Number List importance in certain axes such as Paseo de Gracia (35%), Pelai, Plaza Cataluña, Plaza Universidad, Las Ramblas and Rambla Cataluña (almost 30%), Borne (26%) or Malaysia Phone Number List (24%). As a result of the Covid, a drastic change in consumption habits has been detected with purchases motivated by the need to spend more hours at home (teleworking, fewer outdoor leisure options), a fact that speeds up online shopping and creates enormous dispersion in the economic impact depending on the product categories.

Technology, household items and especially food are being the most benefited commercial categories in this pandemic period, to the detriment of fashion, restaurants and leisure and hotel spaces, activities that, at the same time, constitute the most important part of the Malaysia Phone Number List : fashion (68.8%), leisure and restoration (17.8%) and health (6.8%). One of the most disturbing conclusions of the Big Data Study commissioned by Barcelona Oberta to CREAR Smart Business is that before the declaration of the State of Alarm and home confinement, sales in 2020 were Malaysia Phone Number List below 2019, and with the Covid effect still its decline was more pronounced, until reaching -23% in billing and -27% in median ticket at the end of February, and achieving -90% in the period of confinement.

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